St. Patrick's Day - The story behind Patrick, the man, the Saint!

Sadly, the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade held over the last 250 years on March 17th in New York City has been postponed. More than likely, other events celebrating this day in history will fall suit in the days to come. Many who celebrate this annual Holiday will surely be disappointed. We can still enjoy why there is a St. Patrick's Day, and the history of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Wearing of the Green” has symbolized the celebration of, Maewyn Succat, who took on the name of Patrick when becoming a priest, the patron saint and apostle of Ireland. “Patrick” as he became known, was born in Britain of a Roman family in the late 4th Century, his father a deacon, his birth believed to be around 375AD. After being kidnaped by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave, he finally managed to escape after 6 years of captivity as a herdsman turning to his faith to survive. Upon his escape and trying to return to Britain, he nearly starved and then suffered another captivity before being reunited with his family.

After receiving a letter called “The Voice of the Irish”, he felt the need to go back to Ireland around the year 432 to convert the Irish people to Christianity. Confident in the Lord, By the time of his death in 461 he had created churches, schools and monasteries all over Ireland baptizing and converting many into Christianity.

During the 7th century, myths and legends began to abound about “St. Patrick” such as explaining the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) by using the 3 leaves of the “shamrock”, a native green Irish clover.  Legend has it that he drove the snakes out of Ireland by driving them over a cliff and into the sea. He wrote that he had raised people from the dead, and that he prayed for food for hungry sailors traveling through a barren area and that a herd of swine magically appeared preventing starvation.

Years of legend and tales have spawned celebrations around the world on the day of his death, said to be March 17th. From New York City to Chicago and on to Boston parades have become a tradition to celebrate St. Patrick. The first to observe the “day of the feast” took place in Ireland around the 9th or 10th Century as a Roman Catholic “feast” day.

Parades on St. Patrick’s Day began right here in the United States in New York City. The first parade to celebrate this day took place in 1762, by Irish soldiers in the English military who marched through the City streets. Playing music with their bagpipes, parading through the cobblestone streets helped them to stay true to their roots and connect with their fellow Irishmen.

Stay tuned for more to come…. On how the Irish immigrants came to America, their struggles and their accomplishments and how the traditional celebration every year has changed their lives.

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Information source: Britannica Online Encyclopedia 


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