Aquamarine - From Sailors to Frogs to Mermaids - March's Birthstone

From Sailors to Frogs to Mermaids – What’s the story behind Aquamarine – March’s Birthstone!

The aquamarine gemstone has quite the history… from seafaring sailors of old believing that wearing an aquamarine stone would guarantee safe voyage when out to sea to those In the Middle Ages, believing that wearing an aquamarine stone would be an antidote to poisoning.





History shows that ancient medicines included powders made from ground aquamarine and that it was thought to heal infections and was especially good for ailments of the eye.

Romans believed that a carved piece of aquamarine into the shape of a frog could settle conflicts between enemies and build new friendships. Egyptian and Hebrew as well as the Sumerian warriors wore aquamarine believing that doing so would bring about victory.

Aquamarine, like the emerald is from a mineral called beryl and is found in Brazil, Pakistan, Mozambique as well as the African Continent. Known for its cool colors of greenish blue to blue-green, (the colors of the sea), its ideal for a variety of metals and settings that include other colored gemstones. Aquamarine grows as a large gemstone, with six-sided crystals that can range up to a foot long. In Brazil, one was found weighing over 240 pounds. The darker blue hues are very valuable according to various gem societies.

It’s a popular stone used in many different styles of Mermaid rings, fitting the image of this folkloric aquatic creature. Stay tuned for more stories on Mermaids and their history throughout the world.





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