Amethyst – the “Healing” properties of this beautiful gemstone!

Legend has it that Leonardo DaVinci once said that the Amethyst stone could remove evil thoughts and increase one’s intelligence. Called, the “romance crystal”, Cleopatra wore rings made with the Amethyst stone symbolizing light, life, love and happiness.

 It’s been said that Egyptian soldiers wore pendants or amulets made of Amethyst while on the battlefield for courage and bravery.

Did you know that in modern days that in both the Christian and Catholic church, Bishops wear an Amethyst ring and considers it a “gem of purity”! It’s also the Crystal of “Buddha” and is used in common prayer beads for the Tibetans who consider the stone to be sacred.

In North Africa, Medicine Men and Women use the North Africa Amethyst in a “rain making” ritual by dropping small pieces of the Amethyst stone into water.

It’s believed that ancient Greeks wore amethyst stones in their adornments and made drinking goblets of Amethyst stone to use for drinking wine, believing that it would prevent intoxication.

The Amethyst stone is a beautiful quartz in a hue of a pale purple to  brilliant deep purples and found in many countries around the world including the United States in places like Yellowstone, in Gila and Maricopa counties of Arizona, to the Lake Superior region of Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. The highest grade of the Amethyst is found in Russia called “Deep Russian” and is extremely rare and sought after by collectors.

Stay tuned for more legends, myths and other interesting facts about the Amethyst!

Consider having an Amethyst ring in “your collection to brighten your days as you think about the myths and legends of this genuinely beautiful gemstone.

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