Amethyst - the Birthstone of February


Did you know! 

The word Amethystos means "not drunk" in Ancient Greek. Amethyst, the birthstone, is purported to have both folkloric and symbolic associations not only in ancient times, but modern times as well. It's a symbol of serenity and royalty providing courage and the strengthening of relationships.

The myth of the Amethyst stone goes back to the Roman god of wine, Bacchus. The story goes that a maiden had the misfortune of coming across Bacchus on her way to temple. Unfortunately, Bacchus had some misfortune himself and was angry and had vowed that he would take vengeance on the next person who crossed his path. He spotted her, and unleashed his tigers upon her. The temple goddess Diana intervened, turning the pretty maiden into a clear stone. Bacchus suddenly wanting to atone for his sins, poured wine over the beautiful clear stone, turning it a deep violet hue. The story goes that the maiden, thankful for her rescue, named the stone "Amethyst" after her birth name.

Stay tuned for more interesting and historical information about "birthstones".

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 Research on historical information derived from both the American and International Gem Societies. 







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